Jul. 11th, 2014

NHL 14

Jul. 11th, 2014 08:55 pm
cammeh: (GO PENS GO)
So I may or may not have bought NHL 14 earlier today.

…I suck so bad, lmao.

I mean, I was expecting that, my gaming tastes run more toward RPGs and FPS — I haven’t played a sports video game since Virtua Tennis on our family Dreamcast in middle school. I don’t know how any of the modes or trading or strategizing in this works yet, there are way too many leagues and players and endless stats and all these combinations of buttons to memorize to pull off moves and everything on the ice moves so goddamn fast.

I almost flung the game away in overwhelmed panic, but then I said to myself sternly, “No. No, Cam. You can do this. You’re going to do this — and you’re going to win the Penguins the Stanley Cup.” So I buckled down grimly and just plowed through the tutorials a few times and jumped straight into a game and—it’s so much fun??

I mean, obviously I still suck so bad, I’ve played for less than an hour, but despite my wild passing, panicked wheeling in circles in the offensive zone, button-smashing to spam shots at the net, and inept, self-destructive flailing on defense (thank you for carrying me, 1st-star-of-the-game Tanger, god bless u_u) I still managed to lead the Pens to victory over the Islanders 7-1!!!!

WHEEEEEE. Ahahaha, small steps. 8D

(#scoring with Sid and G and Kuni was so joyous and Flower was such a monster in net #but then I also scored with Nealer and Juice and was briefly melancholy #because that will never happen again irl #sighhhh #also it's weird because the rosters are all from after the 2012-2013 season #so there were a bunch of guys on the team I didn't even know #oh well I love them anyway #Duper was missing initially and I was horrified #and then I found him in free agency and signed him immediately #fuck yeah for no salary cap #also I saw that T Segs was still on the Bruins #this won't do #I'll have to update the rosters post-haste)


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