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So on the one hand, as a new fan, every hard loss feels like the end of the world, especially with the bizarre ups and downs of the few months I’ve been watching. I’ve never been invested in a team sport before, and wow, it’s kind of devastating.

On the other hand, I think of all the games and all the years the Pens have played, since long before I knew a single player’s name, and I have to laugh at myself because man - I ain’t seen
nothing yet. There’ve been worse roller-coasters than this one, and there’ll be plenty more in the future, I’m sure.

It’s hockey. It’s the nature of the game. As I hear so many people keep saying, it’s more exciting because anyone can win.

Yeah, it’d be great for the Pens to find more consistency and not keep putting us through the emotional wringer. It’d be great for Sid not to have a -5 stain on his record, it’d be great to keep a lead more than once in a while, it’d be really great if all our injured players could just miraculously be cleared.

But you know what? Nothing I feel as a spectator could ever compare to what those guys on the ice are going through, and they’re the ones I love and support and always will. They’re in it to win it, and I’m behind them all the way.

(#showers let me experience emotional catharsis apparently #I felt like such total shit #and now I just want to charge into their locker room shouting and waving flags #YOU CAN DO IT BOYS #YOU GOT THE SHIT KICKED OUTTA YA AND IT SUCKED #SO PICK YOURSELVES UP OFF YOUR ASSES #MOVE FORWARD #AND GET SHIT DONE #still love ya)
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