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I’m both too keyed up and too exhausted to bang out the full eloquent write-up that I really want to in order to imprint it indelibly on my memory forever and ever and ever, so I’m just gonna go with barfing words all over this post in whatever giddy, jumbled manner they so please.

My brother got me tickets to this game for my birthday because I have NOT been able to shut up about the Pens since I got hooked, and he is officially my favorite ever. (Okay so he already was.) It was my first hockey game since I saw the Ice Dogs in elementary school, and definitely my first since becoming an actual fan. Just to put my total lack of experience and giddy excitement into context.

WARM-UPS. Oh my god I was a couple of rows behind the goal and to the left and they were RIGHT THERE alksjkdljfsfd. I caught Tanner Glass and then Geno both bobbing their heads along to the jam that was playing, fucking cutest thing ever. And then! Twice I saw Sid and Geno kind of run up against each other playfully - the first time Sid actually kind of turned the back of his shoulder into Geno’s chest and skate/shoved in and past in this extended ‘nyah nyah oh I didn’t see you there lol whatchu gonna do about me body-skating through you like this’ fashion. The second time they were skating by the glass in front of me grinning/laughing and pressed next to each other until they rolled off and separated out. So much playfulness and body contact, my god, I just about died of cute. And Nealer’s hair is even prettier in real life and so is Tanner Glass and Geno scooped up a puck and bounced it on his stick and they all ganged up on the goalie (I think it was Flower???) at the end and it was amazing and I took so many shitty, blurry pictures and my mouth hurt from smiling.

Our seats were literally in the very last topmost row, but the view actually wasn’t bad! (I really like the Honda Center in general as a venue.) You could see everything that was going on in good detail except for like, scrums behind the opposite goal or whatever. We had the Pens attacking on our side twice, which was awesome since the goals were scored in the 1st and 3rd period which meant they were on our side, and the Penguins’ shootout went toward our end too, which was amazeballs.

It was so weird to be watching a game in person rather than on TV at first—it started out seeming too quiet because I’m used to having constant commentary from announcers, and then I realized it was just better because it was so fantastic to be able to see everything that was going on on the ice at the same time, and the noise from the crowd rose and fell in this awesome swell that just swept you along and oh god I screamed myself hoarse.

ENGO’S GOAL, and then POWERPLAY GOAL IN THE THIRD BY GENO WITH LESS THAN 10 MINUTES TO GO. It was amazing because there were a shit ton of other Penguins fans, and we would all leap to our feet and go absolutely nuts. The guy sitting to my left was a Pittsburgh native, transplanted to San Diego because he was in the Navy, and he went bonkers right along with me every time, it was so much fun.

So many heart-attacks. So much frustration. Every few minutes in the 2nd and 3rd I would look judgingly at the shots on goal and mutter to my brother, “19-3? Oh that’s just great. Haven’t even had a single one yet this entire period.” “Ohoh, 23-7? Fantastic, good job guys, how about shooting the puck.” Even after the end of the game I was like, “31-17? LOL at least we got more than half as many as they did!” There was a long-ass stretch when it was like the Pens just couldn’t get through the neutral zone, and when they did the puck was just immediately shunted back in the opposite direction. Ugh.

Tanner Glass’s fight!! Oh man, haha, they basically had each other tangled up at arm’s length for ages, the Ducks guy would try to take swings at Glass but Tanner would have his head held back and away stubbornly, refusing to engage, and they got a couple of shots in but then it just ended amicably - they patted each other on the shoulder and nodded in friendly fashion before skating off, that got a big laugh from the crowd.

Geno going all Russian bear and getting into a little back and forth before the refs came in and swooped him away, and Taylor Pyatt almost getting to a scrap right there in his place, lol.

I’m recovering from the aftereffects of a cold and had a small, unexpected episode of asthma earlier today, so when we went into overtime I was going, “Oh my god, I’m not going to survive. I’m going to just keel over.” The constant screaming probably didn’t help with my persistent cough, either, lol. THAT OVERTIME THO, OMG. SO MANY CHANCES. SID’S BREAKAWAY HOLY FUCK. I love 4-on-4, it gives us more room and plays to our strengths really well, so that was definitely more action-packed and the Pens showed a helluva lot of fire in those five minutes, it was so great.

And then SHOOTOUT and I was violently jiggling my legs with mad nerves and chanting a mantra of, “I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die.” Nealer, solidly blocked, but it was okay because Bonino was too. And then SID. SIIIID SID SID I GOT TO SEE SID MAKE A BEAUTIFUL SHOOTOUT GOAL, leapt to my feet and screamed my goddamn head off so hard I had to lean over on my knees and gasp because I was going lightheaded. Fucking awesome is what it was.

And then Palmieri missed and Geno went in to potentially win it and…lost control of the puck??? Oh god that was so hard to watch, I kind of gave an aborted shriek and reeled away toward the back wall when it fumbled away from his stick and he lunged to recover it. What happened there, god. 8(((((

Freaking COREY PERRY tied it up and then Jussi’s was a no-go but Silfverberg’s was too thank god, and then KUNIIIIII with the amazing score and I once again lost it to the point where I went breathless and lightheaded and in the midst of jumping up and down and going insane, kind of thought to myself, ”Oh god, hockey is hazardous to my health and I couldn’t give less of a shit.”

And every time somebody missed it was like deadness inside and every time Flower made a save it was like going bananas, ba-na-nas. Teemu Selanne, man, he just drove right in and put it in the back of the net like thank you, thank you, another day at the office. Had to clap at that one even though it was agony. And then I had no idea how Brandon Sutter was at shootouts so I was so nervous and then BAM, SUTTSYYYYY!!!!!! I can’t even put into words the exhilaration and the sheer screaming elation at every shootout goal, everybody leaping to their feet and losing their goddamn minds all at the same time in this roaring wall of bodies and noise.

And then Getzlaf missed and like. It was kind of anticlimactic for a minute for me because it was at the other end and I couldn’t see clearly whether it had gone in or not, couldn’t tell whether the uproarious cheers were from Ducks fans or Pens, but eventually it registered that the Pens were skating out onto the ice, and. They won. They won they won they won, my first game and after that heart-breaking stinker against the Sharks last night they MOTHER FUCKING WON.

I am so goddamn happy.

And I still feel all shakey and rubbery and I want to hug my brother again because best birthday present ever. EVER.

/collapses into bed


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