May. 13th, 2014 08:38 pm
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expectat inquired: Wow, that was just brilliantly said, you summed up exactly how I feel right now in your post. And the thing is, as fans, we're all so devastated but the only thing I can think of right now is how heartbroken the Pens themselves must be, and that just makes me feel even worse about the whole situation :((

Yes. That’s what it keeps coming back to, for me.

I see so many people right now that are angry with the Pens, just furious, that are shitting all over them for losing, and especially for losing the way they did, when everyone was so sure they had it in the bag, even Rangers fans, and they fumbled yet again.

And I just…can’t. I can’t feel anything like that.

I mean, I understand it, definitely. They’ve been yo-yoing like that all season, even taking into account all the injuries. They get complacent, they lose leads. It’s frustrating, and bewildering, and disappointing. It hurts.

But ultimately, there’s no one it’s more frustrating, more disappointing, more devastating for than the Pens themselves. It’s on their heads. They have to bear it. They have to swallow it and have it sit in their stomach like lead while everyone picks them apart. They have to find a way to move past it and start all over again next season, probably after losing a few very good friends and teammates.

Maybe the anger and blame will hit in a few weeks, when I’m less of an emotional sinkhole. I don’t know.

Right now I just feel like crying, because they wanted it, and I wanted it for them so badly, and it ended too soon.


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