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Vil—while on exams hiatus!—drew a short MM Straw Hat doujin featuring Michiko and Zoro that I've been meaning to flail about for days. I will also take this opportunity to flail about Zoro+Michiko in general, as a warning, haha.

I got permission to post the doujin here, too, in order to better facilitate flailing. And also so I can just have it on here forever. :D It's read right-to-left, Japanese-style. (...Vil is the person who plays Michiko, btw, haha)

Doujin and Flailing )

Other Stuff, including reaction to OP 587 )
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God-dammit, California. Being ashamed of my state is a relatively new and quite uncomfortable feeling. I was hoping to be rid of it, thanks a lot.

I mean, I'm not that surprised, given that the argument by gay rights activists seems to have been that "the ban revised the California Constitution's equal protection clause to such a dramatic degree that it first needed the Legislature's approval." Since the Court was going was judging based on the constitutionality of this claim, I can see how it isn't all that strong.

But why was this the main argument to begin with? I mean, I haven't been following the post-Prop 8 scene as well as I should have been, but aren't there other, more compelling legal (and moral!) reasons why this ban is fucking terrible idea?

(siiiiiiggh) Well, at the very least those couples already married won't get broken up, and now the fight is already begun for a ballot measure for marriage equality in 2010.

Passing around THIS Fearless video on behalf of the Courage Campaign for marriage equality. I'm sure many people have seen it already.


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