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foxp03 replied to your post “Finally getting around to reading Cold Days. I’m about a third of the…”

*cackles* Keep reading, my friend! And when you’re finished we can rave and conjecture wildly together! In the meantime…dang it! I am now desperately trying to unplug from the Dresden Files wiki and go to bed. No luck so far. This is your fault!
I will not apologize, because now all your knowledge is fresh and detailed and I can poke you enthusiastically, MWAHAHA. >:3

I finished, btw. Final impressions:

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8|a There’s probably more but that’s all I can think of at the moment.
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Well, not as good as I was hoping, not as awful as it might have been? There were awesome things about it, like the gender balance and MELINDA MAY and many subversions of gendered tropes and ♥MELINDA MAY♥, but some things just felt really…off. To me.

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ALKJSKLDJFKSDF!!!! /rolling over and dying from pure undiluted a w e s o m e. I need to go see it again, possibly two or three times, I need to go buy the prequel comic ASAP so I can spend more time with the characters and world-building, I need to put down-payments on whatever sequels and other comics are going to come out in the future. I was so worried about my expectations being let down, but NOPE. HAHAHA. Brilliance. Smashy, gorgeous, epic action-adventure brilliance.

For people trashing on the dialogue: It wasn’t as snappy or profound as some other movies, no, but it actually didn’t bother me, and I can be really picky about bad writing? Not naming any names (coughManofSteelcough), but the dialogue in one or two of the other blockbusters so far this summer had me pretty much clawing my face off with sheer awful, but I didn’t cringe even once for any of Pacific Rim’s dialogue. Or even roll my eyes, actually. I don’t really know what people are complaining about, even if it was for the most part fairly simple, I felt like the dialogue was all pretty fitting and flowed well and the deliveries sold it.

For people trashing the plot as unoriginal and/or dumb: ????? Bzuh??? No, I seriously don’t get this. If you went into Pacific Rim expecting Biblical allegories like Neon Genesis Evangelion or trippy social/political commentary like Pan’s Labyrinth, then I don’t know what to tell you, but the plot was not dumb. Nor unoriginal. This is a sci-fi action-adventure romp with humor and heart and heartache and BIG SMASHY BATTLES, and it’s GREAT. It’s a successful homage to and fusion of the giant robot and giant monster movie genres, so yes, you get some commonalities with older films (giant robots fight giant monsters. if this surprises or disappoints you as unoriginal, wtf are you seeing this movie for, seriously??) but the plot itself and the twists and turns it took were original concepts and quite refreshing. And the execution was WONDERFUL.

OMG the direction and art and concept design were gorgeous. OMG the fight choreography was epic. OMG the score and the pacing had me on the edge of my seat, breath caught and muscles tense. OMG the casting was so fantastically diverse and the focus so appropriately international when facing  WORLD-ENDING threat. OMG Mako was a such a badass and she and Raleigh had such great chemistry. OMG I really loved ALL of the characters?? There was absolutely nobody I disliked?? I was cheering for EVERYONE?? And the relationships! I wasn’t expecting to like the character relationships that much, omg I need more of Mako and the Marshal’s backstory, omg I want more of Raleigh’s backstory, omg I want more backstory for ALL OF THE YAEGER PILOTS AND THIS ENTIRE WORLD, omg I want the continuing adventures of Mako and Raleigh because they are FUCKING ADORABLE?!

WHEEEEEEEEE oh god this was so much fun. Y'know? It was really, really FUN.


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...By some standards, perhaps I'm completely unqualified to remark upon the last episode in Season 5 of Supernatural, "Swan Song". In October of last year I got frustrated with the online fandom and aspects of the storyline and, without making any particular decision about it, quietly stopped watching. The last episode I saw before tonight was 5x04, "The End", which I enjoyed a great deal.

So I've missed whatever problems that I've heard the edges of, that fandom had with the rest of the season. Monster-of-the-week hunts in the middle of the Apocalypse, too much heated strife between the brothers, the twists and turns and reveals of the myth-arc, etc. I also missed the impassioned, highly polarized, and by turns euphoric and venomous opinions of the individual fans as the episodes aired. Their understandable preoccupations with certain characters, the squeeing, the dissecting of every scene.

And, naturally, the details of what happened.

However. By and large, I consider this to be a good thing, and regardless of my own qualification to speak on the matter, I'm going to say a few words about "Swan Song", having watched it clear-eyed, blank of the layers of bright colors and emotions of immediate context, save for a quick Wikipedia look-up for the episode summaries of the span that I'd missed. I went into it with no expectations on my mind other than, "I want to see how this ends. I want to see what the boys do. I want to see who they are, at the end of this."

That said.

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