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Okay. So it still hurts, but if I’m not going to curl up in a ball and ignore hockey entirely until next season (I seriously debated it) then I need to figure out who of the remaining teams I’m rooting for.

Pulling for Montreal in the East, obviously. GO HABS.

In the West… I like the Blackhawks and I’m happy that they moved on to the next round, but I don’t think my Pens-loving heart could handle them winning back to back Cups right now, not to mention winning three out of the last five years. Sigh.

So in the West it comes down to the Ducks or the Kings, which makes more sense for me anyway since I live about 20 minutes from both of them. I’ve been trying to cultivate some kind of home-team attachment/pride anyway, but I’ve been stymied by…y’know…having no real preference between the two teams, which are on opposite sides of a fierce rivalry. >_> Guess it’s time to go look up primers or something.

(#what always sucks me into getting invested in a team is getting to know their likeable players #who's more likeable - Ducks or Kings??? #who has better behind the scenes videos so I can really fall in love with them?? #damn it #I don't really want to do this #I'm still grieving #but I've got to cope somehow)
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